Miranda V. Flury



Miranda Flury Headshot

As the President of Hawkeye Strategies, Miranda lives out her purpose: Helping to turn Director’s and Executive’s light bulbs on. She works with Cooperative Boards and Senior Leaders across Canada to support their governance and strategy needs and in turn, she helps their people and communities.

Her vast experience as a Professional Facilitator, Speaker, and Moderator for Cooperatives, including Credit Unions, Peer Groups, and Retails enables her to provide a seamless and engaging experience that is tailored to each audience. Miranda has spoken at conferences including the BC Financial Services Authority Director’s Forum and teaches governance best practices on behalf of the Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) and Federated Cooperatives Limited (FCL). She offers her clients the knowledge gleaned from specialized expertise, tempered with the wisdom of wide-ranging experience from diverse industries.

Miranda completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph, a Master’s level degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and an Executive MBA from the University of Fredericton. She is trained in Lean methodology, Change Management, and the International Association for Public Participation. Miranda actively participates on the local Co-op Board as the Governance Committee Chair. In her spare time, Miranda is a mentor with Futurpreneur where she helps new entrepreneurs successfully start their businesses. She is also a CrossFit enthusiast… but don’t get her started on this topic, she’ll have a hard time stopping! 

Amer Dogar

Senior Digital Transformation Specialist


Amer brings to Hawkeye Strategies 20+ years of experience solving the most complex business problems across a broad range of industries (banking, wealth management, insurance, retail, and logistics). He is a result-driven leader with a proven track record in leading enterprise-wide operational excellence and transformation initiatives and programs (digitization, automation and content management, footprint/functional consolidation, organizational redesign, and end to end process design/reengineering). Amer is senior advisor with firsthand experience managing through various business cycles including acquisitions, integrations, organic growth, and restructurings.

He is a visionary leader recognized for creating execution roadmaps and change management strategies to support the sustainability of the institutions he serves. He is particularly adept at identifying optimization and growth opportunities within mature or emerging businesses. Over the years, Amer has completed multiple award-winning projects and programs delivering hundreds of millions of dollars ROI in cumulative financial benefits.

Amer completed an MBA in International Finance from Richmond School Business, London, UK and is   certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Design for Six Sigma Black Belt. Amer is an expert in developing and deploying a culture of Continuous Improvement, multi-level business process strategy and Centre of Excellence while ensuring direct linkage between corporate strategy and tactical execution of improvement activities. In his spare time, Amer loves going for fishing and camping with his family and friends. He is a fitness enthusiast and plays semi-professional cricket for various leagues in Canada.


Paul Hoogendoorn

Senior Analyst

Paul Hoogendoorn

Paul brings to Hawkeye Strategies a wealth of analytical and managerial experience in a range of industries and markets. A graduate of the Finance program at the University of Saskatchewan, his experience as a financial analyst in banking and Credit Union Treasury Management is supplemented by experience in natural resource assessment and evaluation, pipeline construction estimating, and project management.  His career reflects his intellectual curiosity, and his pursuit of industriousness and adventure.

In his Credit Union career, Paul was successfully responsible for credit risk assessment and credit evaluation/adjudication frameworks, interest rate risk and ALM management, treasury management, pricing strategy, and IFRS-9 credit risk model development. In his spare time, Paul enjoys visiting the family farm with his wife and two young children, mineral prospecting, and reading prodigiously.

Carolynn Oliver 


Senior Risk & Compliance Specialist


Carolynn brings to Hawkeye over 26 years of leadership experience working in financial services, government and the hotel industry. Within the Credit Union system, she gained experience with regulatory compliance, policy development, Enterprise Risk Management and internal auditing. Working with the Federal Government, she developed program evaluations and performance measurement strategies to help departments/projects link their activities with their expected efficacy and efficiency outcomes.

Throughout Carolynn’s work experience she has been very active in training and developing employees and colleagues. She has a passion for learning and enjoys encouraging and inspiring others to learn new things. She also has a keen interest in collaboration and has discovered that projects and programs succeed at a higher rate when collaboration is involved.

Carolynn’s extensive and widespread educational background enables a unique approach to problem solving. She holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Biology (Dalhousie University); Bachelor of Art in English (Dalhousie University); Certificate in Business Administration (University of Ottawa); Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation (University of Ottawa); Master of Business Administration (Queen’s University); and Certificate in Risk Management (University of Toronto).