Consulting and Facilitation

Strategic Planning

We work with Boards and Executives to identify, adopt, articulate and implement winning strategies through analysis, process development, education, facilitation, and implementation. We know that a well-articulated strategic plan provides your organization a roadmap for applying the Board’s vision in daily life and helps harness collective efforts towards common strategic objectives. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

As the trend of Mergers & Acquisitions continues across Canada, we use a proven process to support organizations evaluating mergers, facilitating pertinent topics, building business cases and implementation.

Improving Board Efficacy 

We improve the effectiveness of Boards by conducting assessments in key governance areas, cultivating best practices, and supporting the implementation of new systematic processes.


We evaluate Board and CEO performance. From customizing assessments to facilitating action plan development, we deliver Director self assessments, peer evaluations, committee evaluations, board evaluations, and CEO evaluations.

Board Profiling

We support Boards to effectively recruit new Directors. We develop and/or update a Director Competency Policy, benchmark existing Directors’ competencies to the policy, report on existing gaps, and support the recruitment of qualified directors via interviewing and recommendations.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

We work with Boards and Executives to facilitate the development of novel ERM frameworks, as well as analyze and improve all aspects of your risk management program.   

Expert Financial Analysis

Upon request of the Board or Management Team, we provide a third party review of your organization’s financial statements. We identify trends, highlight abnormalities, assess for strategic congruence, and develop white papers for discussion.