“I recently participated in a Strategic Planning Session conducted by Miranda. This was a terrific strategic planning session. It began with interviews and 2 pre-session planning meetings. This ensured that the session was tailored to our specific needs and concerns. Miranda was exceptionally well prepared; she demonstrated in depth knowledge of our business and the sector in which we operate. Further, she was an energetic and engaged facilitator. She guided us toward our conclusions with professionalism. She was able to pivot as needed and as a bonus has a wonderful sense of humour. We were exceptionally well served and I would highly recommend her.”

– Anita Braha,  Chair of Vancity and Vice Chair of Stabilization Central

“I have had the pleasure of working with Miranda through the strategic planning process for our organization. Miranda is thorough and employs a comprehensive, pragmatic and iterative approach to the overall planning process working with board and management to narrow the scope and provide laser focus for the actual session.

This isn’t my first interaction with Miranda and although she has many positive qualities, two that have always stood for me is her high level of energy and the time and effort she takes to thoroughly understand your organization. As a participant you can’t help but be fully engaged throughout the process and as a result of her inquisitive insight and understanding of your organization and industry, she is able to effectively immerse herself into the dialogue and discussions.

In addition to being a master of her craft, Miranda couples light heartedness, patience and a sense of humour with the ability to keep everyone on task and drive outcomes.

I highly recommend Miranda as a skilled facilitator for helping your organization overcome challenges, uncover opportunities and be the best that you can possibly be!”

– Kelly Marshall, Board Chair of Stabilization Central and CEO of Summerland Credit Union

“I had the privilege to work with Miranda through a strategic planning session and merger facilitation. Miranda proved to be very effective at translating our goals and aspirations into effective and meaningful sessions for both directors and senior management. While we were apprehensive about multi-day virtual sessions, Miranda provided an engaging and interactive environment that resulted in new strategic insights and deeper relationships amongst the participants.”

– Guy Chartier, Board Chair


“It gives me great pleasure to lend my support and recommendation to the work Miranda has done for our credit union this year, especially as we work through the Covid 19 pandemic. These uncertain and changing times require a facilitator to be nimble, flexible and relevant, and Miranda was all of that. Aldergrove Credit Union looks forward to continuing to work with Miranda in order to build past success into our future success.”

– Gus Hartl, CEO

“Hawkeye has been assisting us with our strategic planning process for the past 18 months. In that time, which has included some very unusual times due to the pandemic, Miranda has proven to be knowledgeable, creative, passionate about the subject matter, and very adaptable. Her rapport with our team of directors and senior management has been exceptional whether interactions are in person or virtual. “

– Lindsay Babineau, Vice Chair


“As a facilitator Miranda reads the room well, knowing when to let participants discuss and discover their own answers, when to step in and direct attention to course content, and when to share her wealth of anecdotal experience. She also does a great job of relating how different organizations might handle similar issues within the scope of their size and budgets, making her teaching equally relevant to both large and small.”

– Jeff Dyck, Director

“This fall we had the privilege of working with Miranda to develop our strategic plan. Our board and management team were very impressed with how she was able to keep us all engaged. Miranda is energetic and passionate about governance and has a talent for asking the tough questions that need to be asked. We came out of it with a plan that was not cookie cutter, it was authentic, genuine and in our words. This tailored service was exactly what we hoped she would deliver. Crossroads looks forward to working with Miranda in the future.” 

– Jeff Bisschop, CEO

“Miranda presented to Crossroads Credit Union Board and Management Team. It was very helpful and relevant for our strategic planning process. She is an excellent leader and was able to stimulate vigorous discussion among all participants during the session. She also provided excellent follow-up with the Management Team to assist with the implementation of the new strategic plan. I highly recommend Miranda.”

-Walter Ostoforoff, Board Chair 


“Miranda has been an excellent addition to our Cusource faculty, and consistently achieves excellent ratings from our participants. She goes beyond expectations and holds herself to high standards. With her consulting skills, Miranda is able to probe needs and ensure that she is delivering value and the best deliverable possible. Miranda is exceptional, and I would enthusiastically recommend her.”

– Korinne Collins, VP Professional Development & Events